Sustainable travels


At a young age I had the opportunity to travel and visit the world. I also lived for some time in America and this increased my desire to travel. So I became a great travel enthusiast.

I believe that traveling is a good way to get to know the world and expand one's knowledge. The world has so much to offer. Beauty, culture and traditions are just some of what travel can offer. With a journey we enrich ourselves with experiences that change the way we see things.

I decided to take on a new challenge and create a site that talks about travel, Oliver Camponovo Travels. But talking about it in general seemed a bit reductive and so I preferred to do it with the focus on sustainability. I believe that travel has a big impact on the environment and so I felt the need to focus on this issue. The world is our home, we have the responsibility to keep it and protect it as much as possible. Each person can in little ways do something about it and improve this world. I want to do my part by talking about the world of sustainable travel, proposing destinations where it is possible to have eco-friendly vacations.

Travel and Sustainability

My idea for this site is to combine my passions: travel and sustainability. In this digital space I decided to propose some ideas to travel in a sustainable way, some ideas to be more aware when we travel. Rural tourism, sustainable destinations, European Green Deal, projects related to sustainable travel, are just some of the topics in the pages of my site. A concentrate of ideas to travel in a more environmentally friendly way.

More Awarness

The world is moving more and more towards an idea of sustainability towards. Things are slowly beginning to change and the awareness of our responsibility towards nature is making itself felt.

In 2020 we are increasingly aware that it is necessary to continue along this path, the time has come and can no longer be postponed.

We have to do something and do it immediately. It is necessary to do this for nature and for future generations.

In my own way I want to contribute to support this "green" movement and talk about the world of sustainable travels. Tourism, unfortunately, contributes significantly to create pollution, especially if we talk about mass tourism. Changing our travel habits can therefore be a small brick to build a greater sensitivity to the issue of pollution.

Learn more about the world of eco-friendly and sustainable travel on Oliver Camponovo travels.