Master in Economy

He not only changed his home base for a while, but also changed to the official language of Basel is (the Swiss variety of Standard) German.  Camponovo’s new home was where the Swiss, French and German borders me - providing a hotbed of cultural ideas, international connections and exciting new ideas.  He acquaired a Master’s degree in Economics in 1998 at the Universität Basel.

An exposure that influenced his investment philosophy. Basel  is known for its many internationally renowned museums, ranging from the Kunstmuseum, the first collection of art accessible to the public in Europe (1661) and the largest museum of art in the whole of Switzerland, to the Fondation Beyeler (located in Riehen).
It was during his sojourn in this art savvy city that he expanded his horizons to the appreciation of the fine arts, an exposure that has influenced, even up today, his investing philosophy.

Childhood - Canton Ticino

Oliver Camponovo, Italian born, grew-up in the only Swiss canton where Italian is the sole official language and represents the bulk of the Italian-speaking area of Switzerland. The Canton of Ticino is in the south of Switzerland, almost entirely surrounded by Italy (to its west, south and much of its east). At a young age, the desire to explore his surroundings, pushed Oliver to spread his wings and further his education in Basel.

The United States of America and the University of California

In order to further his education experience, Oliver found his way to the United States of America. First stop was the University of California, Berkeley.  An environment considerably larger than Basel, filled with many challenges - the first of which was perfecting his English.

His stay at U of C offered a wide selection of cultural activities and an opportunity to deepen his passion for art. His favorite stop in the States was in Texas, where he spent several months at the University of Texas, in Austin. One of Oliver’s favorite memories, was leaning the Texas motto of “Bigger. Better. Faster.”

The return to Switzerland

At this point, Oliver Camponovo returned to Switzerland to follow a specific educational formation in banking and investment in the European markets. He began with a Diploma Internazionale CIIA® Certified International Investment Analyst (2003), an elevated professional preparation  with specific knowledge of rules and operating techniques that govern the functioning of the international financial markets.

Following the CIIA diploma, Oliver proceeded to deepen is professional credentials by becoming a CFA Charterholder (2003).  A rigorous study program including more than a 1000 hours of study and four years of professional experience in the sector. His professional career led him to acquire the distinction, Certified Information System Auditor (CISA) in Dubai.