Artificial intelligence slows down hate on Facebook


OLIVER CAMPONOVO ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE -  Since social networks like Facebook were created they are a fabric for new technologies, for example the artificial intelligence. This time the AI (abbreviation for artificial intelligence) supported Mark Zuckerberg’s platform to find out hateful content. That is, artificial intelligence detected 97% of hateful content in the last quarter: a great contribution for technicians and people who use it day by day. This is the reason why there are so many persons who are interested in the uses of artificial intelligence, just like Oliver Camponovo.


Artificial intelligence applied to social networks

Applications of artificial intelligence have arrived in social networks a while ago. What still remains amazing is the way AI keeps supporting Facebook to become a better website. This happens because artificial intelligence works alongside real people to accelerate the research and the removal of offensive content. Even in this period it comes in help: the Covid-19 pandemics is an obstacle for content revision staff on social media. Without having the opportunity to gather for a discussion about the best solutions, AI comes in to delete what employees can not see.

What data shows is clear: in the last quarter, the hateful contents removed from Facebook by artificial intelligence cover 97% of overall measures. AI gave a great contribution even in other subjects: bullying and sexual harassment decreased of 49% in the last semester.


Artificial intelligence on Facebook: there won’t be place for hate

The world of social media like Facebook will use artificial intelligence to defeat hate. This is due to the users’ habit to use a strong language, or even offensive and hateful. In these cases the staff can not do enough to to find every comment and message that exceeds the limits. To make things worse, the restrictions caused by the pandemic don’t allow moderators to use all their tools. So artificial intelligence is what Facebook and its users need to enjoy a positive experience of social media. On the top of that, this is a result which gives hope to the supporters of AI as a resource for the future. In our case the investor Oliver Camponovo has been showing a strong interest since a long time, so he wishes that social networks will proceed in this direction. 


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